Hi, I’m Jacky the Wilderness Woman.  From event photography, photography masterclasses, teaching foraging with my marvellous recipe for slug, I enjoy every craft.

If you’re feeling a little less adventurous, I can teach you about other kinds of other wild foods instead!

I grew up in a small village and loved being so in touch with the natural world. 

From different outdoor photography masterclasses to wild food foraging to dowsing, being outdoors in nature restores my soul and I'd like to share some of that world with you.


I love to teach so you'd be very welcome to join me on my range of wild food foraging courses that include foreshore, fungi and hedgerows. 

If you're interested in outdoor photography masterclasses or dowsing, you'd be just as welcome!

Book Now

Head on over to my Facebook page to book onto one of my events, or to let me know how much you enjoyed the one you've just been on!  


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