Wildlife Photos

Do you know how to get the best wildlife photos, from birds to zoo animals, butterflies to pets?  We look at the law around rare animals as well as how to get the best image for each situation. Those with a DSLR will get the best from this event, but even with a bridge/compact camera, you'll learn new techniques and get new ideas.

Wild Food Foraging

There are 3 different types of wild food forages - beach, fungi and hedgerow.  These events are seasonal, depending on what Mama Nature is giving us at each time of year.  Spring is best for flowers and leaves, whereas autumn gives us fruits, roots and fungi.  You'll also learn some medicinal uses and folklore.

Landscape Photos

We'll take lots of photos to demonstrate the techniques of composition, such as the rule of thirds and framing, which can be used in any type of photography.  I'll start by gently critiquing your photos but you'll soon be able to do it yourself.  Any camera is suitable for this event, from a smartphone all the way through to a DSLR.


If you think dowsing is just about water then think again!  With practice, you'll be able to find out what you're allergic to or where you lost that all important ring.  I'll teach you what to ask to find out all sorts of things.  Bring your dowsing rods/crystals or a metal coat hanger, plastic coated is fine, to be cut and shaped into rods.

Moving to Manual

Are you stuck in Auto on your camera?  Don't know what the presets really do?  Not fulfilling your artistic vision?  Want to get better results using more of your camera?  Then this is the one for you.  Any camera that has a Manual setting is appropriate for this masterclass.

No Box Required

Events under Covid

Please note all events must be booked in advance, even if as late as the evening before.

Don't forget - we get all seasons in one day on Dartmoor, which is great for photography and even more techniques!

With Covid-19 being a serious threat, I am now offering events by appointment only and for a single person or single bubble at a time with strict social distancing in place.  Please contact me to talk about what's on offer and dates mutually convenient dates.  The events offered remain the same and include:

Landscape (Composition) Photography           Burrator Reservoir       Quarry car park or Lopwell Dam

Wildlife Photography                                            Burrator Reservoir       Bal mine car park near Norsworthy Bridge

Moving to Manual Photography                         Burrator Reservoir       Bal mine car park near Norsworthy Bridge, Quarry car park or Lopwell Dam

Fungi & Hedgerow Foraging                               Lopwell Dam                 Car park

Dowsing for Beginners                                         Lopwell Dam                 Car park

The Boring Bit - Ts & Cs

I run events teaching wild food foraging (foreshore, hedgerow and fungi), dowsing, and various photography masterclasses.  If your organisation is looking for a different event, please get in touch; I travel nationally for these types of event.  I can offer a further discount to charities.

Each event or masterclass lasts for approximately 2 hours, starting at either 10.00 am  or 1.00 pm and costs only £30 per head.  Bookings must pay a non refundable £15 deposit per person for the 2 hour events.  This will be refunded if I need to cancel because the weather is too dangerous to proceed, particularly in the case of foreshore events.   


All children must be accompanied by an adult.  Please book in advance, preferably by at least 12 hours, as spaces are limited.  Please contact me for further dates or watch this space as they will be updated regularly.  If you'd like to come on an event but can't make these dates, let me know and we can arrange another date.  Weekday dates are also available.

Lopwell Dam.jpg

Each site I use has its own unique habitat, from the woodlands and meadows at Lopwell Dam to the rugged coastal landscape of Batten Bay to the Dartmoor geography of Burrator Reservoir.

Lopwell Dam is 3 miles north of Plymouth on the Rivery Tavy, in a beautiful wooded valley.  We meet in the public car park next to the river and The Old Pump House Café, which was recently sold and may not be open.  SatNav: 50.464076, -4.151338 or the postcode PL6 7BZ will get you very close - just keep heading downhill then upstream and you're there.

Batten Bay is part of Mount Batten and can clearly be seen from Plymouth Hoe.  We meet on the grass at the top of the steps going down to the beach in Lawrence Road, just after the roundabout with Shaw Way.  Parking is free on the road and there are car parks available further on.  As the rocks are covered in seaweed, stout footwear and walking aids are advisable.  Postcode PL9 9SJ is the closest postcode and is just a little further on from where we meet.

Burrator Reservoir is on Dartmoor, north of Yelverton.  Quarry Car Park is just downstream of the dam; SatNav: PL20 6PE is the nearest postcode but we meet south of this on the road towards Dousland.  Bal mine car park is at the top end of the reservoir, where the water flows into the reservoir.  Drive upstream with the water on your right and you'll encounter a narrow bridge with low stone wall, with a hard right turn straight afterwards.  From there, you can see the car park on the left hand side of the road and we meet at the back of the car park.