Foraging for Life

As a forager, I was once asked if I ever go to the supermarket to buy food like ‘normal’ people; I was quite surprised by the question but my answer was of course, every week. Some choose to make a life out of foraging and whilst it is possible, it’s also very time consuming and doesn’t fit well with the modern lifestyle and a full time job.

I choose to pick certain plants for their taste, nutritional or medicinal value or simply because I like the novelty of them. It’s great walking along a lane and reaching out for a few tender hawthorn leaves and offering them to a friend, to see the look on their face! Mind you, they do taste delicious and I’d recommend anyone try something looking as though I’m offering them hemlock.

There are two best parts about foraging for me. As well as the smugness I derive from eating beautiful fresh, natural food, it’s the exercise and the scenery that I might otherwise miss. Foraging is a healthy lifestyle, and gives a much greater appreciation of the passing seasons.

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